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Estudio Guitars

Our Estudio Guitars are a guarantee of quality and the experience of having worked with so many musicians and artists throughout our career.

They are manufactured in Spain through our plans and designs, under our constant supervision and with many years of experience. We always look for the complicity with the client, offering him everything he needs or is looking for in relation to the sound and the comfort that our flamenco and classical guitars provide.

We work very carefully the soundboard, a relevant fact of the harmony that all professional customers and students of classical guitars are looking for, from an attractive price, incorporating the best materials with an optimal drying time. We always try to make our guitars with a very pure sound, and that they are especially comfortable for the musicians, although sometimes we also incorporate new technologies in the search for new sounds as in our bossa guitars, recognized by the best professionals.

Discover some of our Estudio guitars.

Luthier Guitars

Guitars handmade by our master luthier and his team. To make a luthier guitar is to put the maximum talent, time, love and attention to each instrument, with a purity and a sound like no other.

To make a luthier guitar is to put the maximum talent, time, love and attention to each instrument and our luthier knows that. For the harmonic system, the quality of the woods, its years of drying in a traditional way, the height of the string in its fingerboard, for its soundboard… the sound characterization in a luthier guitar is very clean, very deep, almost eternal.

For our luthier guitars we always use excellent quality wood and take the time to create instruments that connect with the heart of our artists. There is no technology that can beat the effort and sacrifice of the purest craftsmanship and an instrument made entirely by hand. To choose one of our luthier guitars is to take a piece of our soul.

Enjoy our collection of luthier guitars. But if you want us to create a custom guitar for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Exchange guarantee:

All our guitars include exchange guarantee.*

Shipping and customs charges not included, must be in perfect condition guitar, strings and case.*