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Antonio Bernal's relationship with artists is always direct, as they often need a different instrument for each project.

Antonio Bernal

The master Antonio Bernal was born in 1973 in the Sevillian town of Camas, known for being the land of different artists.He studied music at the Elementary and Superior Conservatory of Seville in 1991. For a while he worked as a gardener in the State Society Expo 92, exercising the branch of botany. It was a few years later when he opened the workshop, the store where he began to exercise what is now his profession: construction, repair, and sale of guitars.

Today he continues to train in the work of Luthier because, for him, “in this profession one must never stop learning and growing to offer higher quality in the final arts of each guitar”. He has studied with great craftsmen and masters, repairing guitars of the most prestigious Luthiers in the world, and at the same time carrying out numerous studies on the finish of the soundboard. Years later he learned that it was necessary to make a series of changes in the usual elements of the guitar in order to improve its sound. With a good knowledge of the woods, together with the personalized study of each client, he manages to make special and unique guitars for each one of them.

The main motive that pushed the master to build guitars as a profession was his passion for music and botany.

The woods we use in the construction of our guitars are Spanish cypress, Indian rosewood, Amazon rosewood, Canadian red cedar, German spruce, ebony, Honduran royal cedar, and maple. In the flamenco guitar the most used woods are cypress and German spruce for a reproduction of higher tones, which is the dominant tone of flamenco. Also for concert flamenco, Indian rosewood, amazon with German spruce or Canadian cedar are used. These woods reproduce more bass and last more notes over time. They are used by flamenco concert guitarists.

Meet his workshop

Our guitars have been exported all over Europe, and among the outstanding countries are France, Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Russia, Austria, Portugal, Serbia, Finland… In addition, apart from bringing guitars to the stores, many customers from all over the continent come directly to the workshop to buy and have a personal treatment. We have also exported outside of Europe, where we ship to all of South America, such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, etc. Throughout the United States you can find guitars with our signature in cities like Miami, New York, Boston, South Carolina, Texas, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle… Even in the Asian continent in countries like South Korea, Thailand, China or Japan.

Our store and repair shop

Zaragoza street number 4 we serve the public in store. It is here where we get to know our clients and their interests when placing new orders or also in case of a specific repair.

Our guitars have been exported to the five continents of the planet.

Craftsmanship in its purest form

Where can you find us?