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The Sevillian luthier Antonio Bernal, from Guitarrería Álvarez y Bernal, has created four exclusive guitars that the singer Alejandro Sanz has designed, inspired by his great passions after spending many years imagining a special and genuine sound, an instrument made in his image and likeness, with which has made a dream come true with the launch of these four models.

The guitars are baptized with names that have deeply marked the artist’s life: ‘Cai’, which symbolizes “the magic of the sea and flamenco”; ‘Alma’, a guitar “straight to the heart”; ‘Manuela’, “the mark in time”, and ‘Triana’, “the beauty of a unique corner”.

The person in charge of materializing this idea has been the luthier Antonio Bernal, from Guitarrería Álvarez y Bernal, in whom Alejandro has trusted for more than 15 years, like many other musicians and artists of international prestige.

In a statement, Bernal himself stressed that “Alejandro has been pursuing different sounds throughout his career, on each album and on each tour. Together we have experimented with numerous woods and materials for years until he found the key to what he wanted.” .

Each of these four exclusive guitars has a marked personality that makes it a unique piece. “There are four totally different guitars, composed with materials from different parts of the world, based on Alejandro’s designs and handcrafted in Seville“, said the luthier.

In this way, Alejandro Sanz has finally been able to develop this creative side while continuing to break records. In fact, he has already hung up the ‘Sold Out’ poster for the four concerts announced in Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Elche for #LaGira in which he will present the new songs from his long-awaited album. Their first single ‘I have nothing’ is already a resounding success, as demonstrated by the more than 19 million views of its video clip on YouTube.

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